Nurturing Your Marriage: Tip #2

If you are like me, communicating things to your spouse usually comes in the form of passing ships in the night. In between running errands, work, tending to the kids, you usually try to catch up on the day with a mouth full of toothpaste while getting ready for bed. And this is usually for the small things of the day. Many times the things we would like to say to encourage or show love don’t get the time of devotion that they need.

Tip #2: “Notes”

Leaving notes of affirmation or encouragement are a great way to communicate to your partner. Even better, try hiding it in a place that they will later discover it… perhaps even days after you have written it. It allows for a sense of surprise. They can be as simple as “Thank you for working so hard this week” to “I think you are the most beautiful person”.

Another suggestion would be to get a pad of Post-Its that are a very unique and specific color (say bright pink). This allows the little “love notes” to be easily spotted (attached to a coffee mug in the cupboard for example) by your love and not overlooked or missed. If done by each other and routinely, it can even become a fun romantic game to see where to creatively hide the next note and what the message will say.

You might even leave one attached to the tube of toothpaste…